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Remelting glass bottle

- Mar 22, 2018 -

Re-melting and recycling refers to the use of recycled packaging glass bottles for the remanufacturing of similar or similar packaging bottles, which is essentially a method of recycling semi-finished raw materials for glass bottle manufacturing.

The specific operation is to carry out preliminary cleaning, cleaning, color classification, and other pretreatments for the recycled glass bottles; then, the melting in the reflow furnace is the same as the original manufacturing process, and is not described here in detail; finally, the regenerated material is blown through the reflow furnace. System, adsorption and other different ways of manufacturing all kinds of glass bottles.

Recycling furnace regeneration is a method for recycling glass bottles that are difficult to reuse or that cannot be reused (such as broken glass bottles). This method consumes more energy than the prototype reuse method.

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